Our typical clients are:

Bank & Retail card, Debt Buyers, Agencies, Bank & Auto loans, Landlord/tenant, Commercial receivables, Loan/lease collateral recovery, Check and healthcare debt collection.


Industries served

  • Bankcard & Loans
  • Retail
  • Credit Cards
  • Private Label Cards
  • Auto and RV Loans
  • Rent & Damage claims

SACOR will provide custom services and reporting in all areas litigation:

  • All main data formats accommodated
  • Custom reports to suit your requirement
  • Collections status report
  • Legal collections activity report
  • Skip Tracing

Benefits of Working with SACOR Financial Inc.

  • Exceptional staff with comprehensive compliance training in FDCPA, HIPAA and all state rules and regulations
  • Spanish, Chinese and Russian speaking and communications
  • US and worldwide Coverage
  • Several convenient customer payment options
  • Customized letters and report formats
  • State of the art Technology with in-house programmers
  • Strict adherence to collection law and privacy procedures